Tailing Redfish 1


Tailing Redfish Desk Sculpture, Number 1

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Tails Up!

Tailing redfish scultpure perfect size for a curio cabinet, top of a bookshelf, or even the corner of your desk…

Dreaming of hungry, happy fish swimming around the flats? Live on the gulf coast and love eating or catching the fish? This will remind you of sunny, cloudless days on the water, searching for the next bite.

This small sculpture measures 8″ long, 4″ deep, and 2.25″ tall.

The soft greens of the water (think grass under clear water) bring out the colors of the redfish tail. The black spot is carved in deep to throw a shadow, and the tail is twisted up and curling. For strength, the tail is disproportionately thick at the base, which is really only obvious when viewing the sculpture from directly above.


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