Dave taking a selfie with his sculpture Barn Martian in progress behind him.

Well hello, there! My name is Dave, and I'm a sculptor!

"Hello, Dave!!!" the crowd roars in unison.

I work primarily in wood and stone.

My subject matter is focused around three categories: Wings, Water, and Women.

You'll find a variety of styles (in a variety of price points) in my shop under those three categories. While you're looking around there, note the tags on each sculpture. They are an easy way to see, for example, all my stone work-- fish AND birds... by clicking on the tag, even though the individual products are filed under Wings and Water, respectively.

Go forth and delight your eyes!

You can read more about me on the... you guessed it... About page... write me a note on the contact page, or join my party to get a cool phone wallpaper and all the great news & Man Glitter Musings.