Amazon Kingfisher


Amazon Kingfisher

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In early November (2016), a female Amazon Kingfisher was sighted in Laredo, TX. It was only the third sighting of this species in the USA and quite a lot of excitement built in the birding community. As a wood carver and wildlife artist I am always looking for something new and different to work on. Something to kindle some real excitement. This bird did the trick! With its familiar, yet exotic shape (I often observe belted kingfishers on small rivers and creeks)– and with all those shades of green!

The bird itself is carved from a solid, single piece of basswood. Glass eyes (black, no pupils). Painted in artist’s oil paints using wet-on-wet techniques and subtle blending to bring forward the main visual features of the bird.

The branch is carved from a piece of sugar pine, and the bird is notched to sit on the branch, as if its feet are grasping the branch and its fluffy belly feathers are hiding the feet.

The base is made out of sugar pine as well, and it is coated in multiple layers of satin black paint.

The sculpture is approximately life sized. Dimensions including the base and branch: 10″ wide, 11.5″ tall, 7″ deep, about 1.5 pounds total weight.


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