Psycho Dixie Dove

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Dave listens to music while he paints. This time, it was a Pandora station based on Preservation Hall Jazz Band. You know, the fun dixieland beats with the bold brass melodies that make you want to dance, perhaps with something fluorescent green to drink in your hand. (Careful of those colors, they bite back later.)

Besides that, the ladies were in New Orleans texting pictures of food… the good stuff… fish with brown goop on it. A lot of times there are some chunks of shrimp or mudbugs in that brown goop, and of course the sauce has some fish flavor, so it’s kind of fish-on-fish-on-fish. Delicious, and that’s before the bread pudding and pecan pie course!

So it’s no surprise that this time, the feather outlines on the bird came out looking like a wrought iron balcony in the French Quarter. And the plumage itself is all party. No mullets here with the business up front.  This bird is in it to win it.



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