The Monica


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The first torso I carved generated a lot of heat:

“She’s too skinny!”
“She needs to eat a bean!”
“Give that girl a cheeseburger!”

Well, the model was built like a ballerina. I never set out to carve my ideal woman, actually, I’d just decided to carve a torso and I bought a book to help me with the anatomy. The author chose the ballerina, so sue him!

When I set out to do it again, I decided to just do a “half torso.” That’s an art term for just the butt, mind you. And I wanted to go to the other end of the spectrum… “I’ll show them!”

So I found a model with a much, er, larger derriere, and when I posted images of the finished sculpture I got a lot of interest… and a lot of comments like “how did you know my butt looked like that?!?”

Because of the level of interest the basswood booty generated, I started thinking about doing reproductions of my sculpture.

And so, with a little drum roll… I present to you, “The Monica.”

The Monica is a limited edition reproduction of my original sculpture. She hangs on your wall for you and your guest to ooh and ahhh.  She’s mounted on an 8×10 black matte finish plaque with some handy drill holes in the back for easy wall hanging (just use a nail!)

Finished in an imitation hammered copper paint, she projects about 3″ off the wall for a nice, classy presentation.


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