Porch Feesh


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Feesh-rock SO SOFT!

This cordova cream limestone fish has such a great, textural, primitive look, and it comes from the extreme softness of this particular stone. The pits and dimples are places where essentially sand fell out during the carving process. It gives a VERY distinctive and cool look.

The fish also has some great orange-y mineral streaks throughout. Deep carved lines show great shadow and form.

Happy to live inside or outside, outside, in an environment with any humidity at all, the stone will eventually “grow” a little green.

The base is a simple architectural aggregate from a home improvement store. The color harmonizes with the sculpture nicely and lends a very sturdy hand.

Approx Dimensions:

Fish: 7″ by 7″ square, 3.5″ deep, weight 4.5 lbs

Base: 10.5″ wide, 7″ deep, 2.5″ tall, weight 15 lbs.

Overall: 10.5″ wide, 7″ deep, 9.5″ tall, weight 19.5 lbs.


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