First Light


Redfish Scene Wall Plaque

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This is a very unique piece. Designed to hang flush mount on a wall, it’s a half round redfish carving. But it doesn’t stop there. An oval dish was carved out of the center of the fish, and it contains a relief carved scene of an angler and guide on a poling boat, making a cast to a tailing fish at first light.

Other darks are carved down into the surface of the wood too. The fin rays, the spot near the tail, these are also carved down into the wood and painted black.

This fish is made from one solid piece of basswood. Bass doesn’t have a lot of wood grain, but what it does have, you can see in the stained dawn of the oval centerpiece.

At 19.25″ long, 8″ tall and about 2″ thick, this fish is half carving, half 3D painting, well, it’s just its own thing.


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